Various Process Modules to select from

Standard modules and customer specific process modules you can select from

You can select from a variety of process modules; check the list of standard process modules below.

Please contact us if you have special processing needs, we will try to find a solution.

Coater Module

  • Optimized bowl design with symmetric exhaust for optimal process results
  • Programmable Edge Bead Removal, wafer backside and bowl rinse
  • Dispense system for up to 5 different media per bowl with automatic nozzle change
  • Range of resist pumps to choose from:
    » customer-specific
    » pressure tank
    » stepper-motor driven pump
    » syringe
  • Spin- and Spray coating

Developer Module

  • Proven process bowl design with symmetric exhaust
  • Dispense system for up to 5 different media per bowl with automatic nozzle change
  • Various developer media can be applied by:
    » Puddle nozzle
    » Fan spray nozzle
    » Binary spray nozzle
  • Programmable top-, backside & bowl rinse

Hot- and Coolplate Module

  • Standard hotplate (60°C – 200°C)
  • High-temperature hotplate (60°C – 450°C)
  • HMDS Priming hotplate (60°C – 200°C)
  • Coolplate (10°C – 60°C), with either water or Peltier cooling
  • Distance control via
    » programmable proximity
    » fixed proximity
    » vacuum contact

UV Exposure Module

  • Maintenance-free LED light source
  • Intensity and exposure time programmable
  • Optimized for low power consumption and long lifetime
  • Various wavelengths available

High Pressure Cleaning Module/Lift-Off Module

  • Special process chamber design for high-pressure application
  • High-pressure nozzle mounted on servo-motor driven dispense arm
  • Movement speed and length of the nozzle (x) programmable
  • Nozzle height (z) adjustable
  • High-pressure pump for aqueous media (cleaning module) or solvents (lift-off module)
  • Pressure adjustable up to 180bar
  • Programmable top-, backside – and process chamber rinse
  • Exhaust control


Film Thickness Measurement Module

  • Servo-motor driven chuck with substrate holder for various substrate sizes
  • Servo-motor controlled arm with holder for measurement sensor
  • Freely programmable measurement routine
  • Film thickness measurements with high sampling rate (up to 50.000Hz)
  • Different measurement techniques for various applications available
  • LS Software for film thickness measurement incl. data analysis and data storage