LS Series

Full Featured Coater and Developer Systems

Modular, flexible, expandable – one platform, many solutions

LS Series are fully automated Coater- and Developer Systems. Different, individually chosen processing modules and carriers for various substrate types and sizes may be combined on one of our three basis platforms (LS1000, LS2000, LS2500) – utmost flexibility for unique requirements.

LS Series

System Features

  • Flexible tool configuration with up to 8 processing modules and 4 I/O stations
  • Wafer sizes up to 200mm diameter
  • Standard- and Thin-wafer processing
  • Small footprint (1.4 m², 2.0m² or 2.8m²)
  • High throughput
  • High system reliability
  • User friendly software
  • SECS/GEM interface
  • Customer specific solutions

Handling System

  • 3-axis Pick & place robot
  • Contactless wafer centering “on-the-fly”
  • OCR, bar, and matrix code support
  • Edge gripping of wafers available
  • Intelligent cassette slot scanning detects carrier type, wafer size and double or cross-loaded slots

Coater Module

  • Optimized bowl design with symmetric exhaust for optimal process results
  • Programmable Edge Bead Removal, wafer backside and bowl rinse
  • Dispense system for up to 5 different media per bowl with automatic nozzle change
  • Range of resist pumps to choose from:
    » customer-specific
    » pressure tank
    » stepper-motor driven pump
    » syringe
  • Spin- and Spray coating

Developer Module

  • Proven process bowl design with symmetric exhaust
  • Dispense system for up to 5 different media per bowl with automatic nozzle change
  • Various developer media can be applied by:
    » Puddle nozzle
    » Fan spray nozzle
    » Binary spray nozzle
  • Programmable top-, backside & bowl rinse

Hot- and Coolplate Module

  • Up to 5 hot- or coolplates per module
  • Standard hotplate (60°C – 200°C)
  • High-temperature hotplate (60°C – 450°C)
  • HMDS Priming hotplate (60°C – 200°C)
  • Coolplate (10°C – 60°C), with either water or Peltier cooling
  • Distance control via
    » programmable proximity
    » fixed proximity
    » vacuum contact