LS Alpha Series

Cost-optimized Coater and Developer Systems

Cost-optimized systems for uncritical process applications

Different process modules allow tool configurations for various process applications – such as coating, developing, bake processes.

If you look for a cost-optimized tool for your production needs and you don’t need the flexibility and various options offered by the LS Series Systems, the LS Alpha Series is the right solution for you.

System Features

  • Flexible configuration with up to 4 process modules and 4 I/O stations
  • Wafer sizes up to 200mm diameter
  • Various process options
  • Small footprint 1.4m x 1.6m
  • High throughput – up to 120 Wafer/h
  • User friendly software
  • SECS/GEM interface

Handling System

  • 3-axis Pick & place robot
  • OCR, bar, and matrix code support
  • Edge gripping of wafers available
  • Intelligent cassette slot scanning detects carrier type, wafer size, and double or cross-loaded slots

Coater Module

  • Optimized bowl design with symmetric exhaust for optimal process results
  • Programmable EBR (Edge Bead Removal), wafer backside and bowl rinse and EBR
  • Dispense system for up to 2 different media per bowl with automatic nozzle change
  • Range of resist pumps to choose from:
    » customer-specific
    » pressure tank
    » stepper-motor driven pump

Developer Module

  • Proven process bowl design with symmetric exhaust
  • Dispense system for up to 2 different media per bowl
  • Various developer media can be applied by:
    » Puddle nozzle
    » Fan spray nozzle
  • Programmable top-, backside & bowl rinse

Hot- and Coolplate Module

  • Up to 5 hot- or coolplates per module
  • Standard hotplate (60°C – 200°C)
  • HMDS Primer hotplate (60°C – 200°C)
  • Coolplates (10°C – 60°C), with either water or Peltier cooling
  • Distance control via
    » fixed proximity
    » vacuum contact